The Cheap Reader

I’ve been a long time reader. I’ve also been a long time broke-ass college kid. In order to help other avid readers out there whose book budgets are smaller than desired, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite places to get discounted books, both online and here in the great town of Fort Collins, CO.

Online Resources

  1. Used Books – While it seems like a big, and obvious, corporate spot that charges regular prices for their product, consumers often forget that Amazon also has a wide selection of used books for sale. Whenever you search for a book on Amazon, it always has a listing for used books sold by other Amazon users. Each listing also includes the quality of the book. Some times you can get a brand new copy for cheaper than Amazon as a company sells it, having never left Amazon’s site.
  2. Amazon Kindle – Speaking of cheaper reads on Amazon, check out the Kindle editions of the books you’re looking for. Obviously it won’t be as cheap as buying a used paperback copy of a book, but often time the Kindle version is cheaper than a new paperback and especially cheaper than a hardbound. I’m a hybrid reader. Nothing will ever replace the feel of paper between my fingers, but Kindles are light and work just fine. (Nooks work well too, or so my brother tells me.)
  3. Tuebl – This site is one of my favorites to check first for a book if I need it immediately and have no money, or if I’m not entirely I want to buy it first. Tuebl describes itself as “the Ultimate eBook Library.” It lets you download free ebooks of tons of books. (I’ve downloaded such things as StargirlThe Perks of Being a Wallflower, and more. *Note, these are all books I already own hard copies of.) There’s a fairly wide selection. Now, as an artist myself, my first question was about the legality of the site and how copyright laws are upheld. Tuebl does have a DMCA system in place to help copyright holders. For more information check out their legal stuff page.
  4. OverDrive – This website and app is AWESOME. It allows you to access the eBooks your local public libraries own and check them out. It’s an online library. You can download the app and connect it to your library card and check out books over the web.

Fort Collins Shops

  1. THE MOTHER FRICKIN PUBLIC LIBRARY – Okay, okay, this seems like an obvious one. But far too many people forget that we have Netflix for books with no monthly fees. There are a plethora of books from a wide range of authors and genres and subjects, all at our fingertips, that people simply don’t take advantage of. Beyond just books, libraries are also full of fun opportunities like books clubs and story time, as well as incredible librarians that can help you find anything. Take advantage of the library. They are far too under-appreciated. Aside from the on-campus Morgan Library, we also have three public libraries that are part of the Poudre Library District.
    Old Town Library
    201 Peterson Street
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    Harmony Library
    4616 South Shields
    Fort Collins, Colorado 80526
    Council Tree Library
    2733 Council Tree Ave. #200
    Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
  2. Bizarre Bazaar – This great shop has an eclectic collection of used books, records, and movies. You can often find racks of discounted books, including a stand outside the front door that has books for 50¢. Their selections, of course, are based off of what people bring in to sell. They’ve got a very cozy feel at the edge of Old Town and close to campus. It’s a shop you can easily get lost in for hours. They’re located at 1014 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524.
  3. Goodwill/Arc – Goodwill and Arc are chain thrift shops that each have book sections. Their books often run between 50¢ and a few dollars. It’s very hit or miss with thrift stores like these on selection. Some days I go in and find a gold mine of blockbuster novels for less than a dollar. Other days, I find nothing but old bibles and books on medicine. Goodwill is located at 315 Pavilion Ln, Fort Collins, CO 80521 and Arc is located at 2701 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80526.